We’re Online!

We are pleased to finally launch not only our Website, but also our Android App! This is all a part of being able to serve our community better. You can use our website and app for many things; to book in appointments for our services, to find out what events there are, and to keep up to date with what we are up to as we look to make Barbados an easier place to be LGBT(+). You can also use the live chat feature to speak to a staff member, or if we are not available, ask our Equals Bot some questions about our services (coming soon).Β In addition, we have updated our logo. We hope you like it!

Now let’s take you through the different pages of the Website and what you can do!


On the home page you can find information about what Equals is all about and what we do. The sliders highlight the main features, and if you scroll down you can find out all about our goals and what we stand for. You can also download the app from this page, as well as view our blog posts.


This page outlines which services we currently offer. As we add more, this page will be updated

Book Appointment

On this page, you can schedule an appointment to our service. First, select a service and the available days will appear. After selecting a day, you will be asked to pick a time. Once you choose from the available time, we require your name, e-mail and phone number (So that we can contact you if need be). There is also an option to add additional comments if you have any information you wish to share beforehand. For example, if you would like to let us know of your preferred pronouns, or if you have any special requirements as it relates to the service.

Once you submit the booking, it will be pending until it is confirmed by the staff or the service provider based on the available schedule. If there is a clash, we will contact you to inform you and try to reschedule. However, you will receive an e-mail confirming your submission, as well as when the booking is confirmed. You can also cancel the booking via a link in these e-mails as well. Where possible, we would prefer if you give us 24 hours notice for a cancellation in case we have other clients who wish to access the services.


This is our blog page. All major news will be posted here, as well as articles and information that will benefit the community.


On our donate page, you can view the possible ways to make a donation to Equals.


This is where you can find our calendar of events. There is an interactive calendar, where you can get in depth information of each activity, and there is a jpg image of the current month’s activities, as well at the drop in center’s opening hours, that you can save and keep as a quick reference.

Contact Us

Here you can find the many different ways in which you can reach us. In addition to these, you can also contact us via our:

Live Chat Feature

You will see a speak bubble button on the bottom left hand side of the website. Using this feature, you can live chat with a staff member during our opening hours. However, in the coming weeks, we will have a bot set up that will be able to answer the majority of your questions. If the bot cannot answer an questions at the time, a staff member will be in contact within 24 hours.

Mobile App

On the mobile app, you can Make and Appointment, get information about Our Services, view our Upcoming Events and view the Blog. In addition, the Live Chat feature can also be used from the mobile app.

We hope you find our new online features to your benefit, and we looking forward to staying connected with you!