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The goal of Equals is to educate and empower the LGBTQI+ community to foster unity by providing a safe, discrimination free environment.  In this environment, Equals encourages safe sexual practices and access to services in areas such as sexual health, general health and mental health. Equals also serves as an educational outlet by providing  general information that is catered to our community. In addition, we work to improve the quality of everyday life for the LGBTQI+ community by tackling stigma and discrimination through sensitization training and human rights violations case recording. We strive to achieve our goals through community empowerment, education, networking and rights-based advocacy.

What Does Equals Stand For?

Equals stands for the following qualities of life that we believe are fundamental for everyone to live life to it’s fullest potential
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The Equals App is designed to keep you up to date with all that we do, as well as allow you to make easy appointments. The app is only available to android users however. To download to the app, please follow the below instructions.

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Recent News & Updates

Our UN Sustainable Development Goal Gallery Takeover

March 6th, 2019|Equals News|

Equals Barbados' and SHE - Barbados' takeover of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Mobile Gallery. The gallery, hosted at the Barbados National Museum and Historic Society, was an interactive space which ran for 9 days. It saw takeovers by various civil society organisations across the country whose goals and focus specifically fell in line with the 2030 Agenda.

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