Welcome To Equals Barbados

Equals is an LGBTQI+ organisation that helps the community access services that we have every right to access but may feel we are not able to. These services can either be accessed at The Safe Space, or via a referral to a service provider we have identified as sensitised to our needs.

Our Goal

The goal of Equals is to educate and empower the LGBTQI+ community to foster unity by providing a safe, discrimination free environment.  In this environment, Equals encourages safe sexual practices and access to services in areas such as sexual health, general health and mental health. Equals also serves as an educational outlet by providing general information that is catered to our community. In addition, we work to improve the quality of everyday life for the LGBTQI+ community by tackling stigma and discrimination through sensitization training and human rights violations case recording. We strive to achieve our goals through community empowerment, education, networking and rights-based advocacy.

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Projects & Activities

Through the support of the Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC), Equals is looking to improved access to healthcare by LGBTQ+ persons in Barbados. To accomplish this, Equals will carrying our various activities: 1) Research into the barriers that LGBTQ+ people face when accessing healthcare at public facilities, with recommendations that will be shared with the Ministry of Health and Wellness. 2) Sensitisation Trainings for staff of the various Polyclinics across the island. 3) Training of volunteers and members of Equals in Phlebotomy, HIV Rapid Testing, and STI Counselling to widen the pool of volunteers who can provide these services at the community site. 4) Providing some support to the overheads of the clinic. This project will be conducted between April and December 2022.  Testing for this project is carried out at The Safe Space.

Equals uses the Shared Incident Database (SID) to record cases of human rights violations. SID is a regional tool used all over the Caribbean and has been used to collect information on cases of Stigma and Discrimination against marginalised groups. If you have faced a violation to your human rights, e.g. verbally or physically harassed, kicked out of your place of residence without good reason, faced discrimination at your place of employment, been ignored or harassed by the police, etc., you can document the incident with us. The database is fully secure and only the specific Board Member assigned to oversee the database can view the content after your case is documented.  You can utilise this mechanism as a source of evidence, and there have been cases across the region where the tool has been key in providing evidence in court. If you this you have a case that needs reporting, please get in contact with us  at info@equalsbarados.com if you would like to submit a report.

Human Rights
Violation Reporting

Though a small grant from the UNDP project Being LGBTI in the Caribbean, Equals will be conducting a series of sensitisation trainings in order to educate mental health professionals on the LGBTQ+ community and their mental health needs and concerns. The goal of the project is to improve the treatment and care of LGBTQ+ persons who access mental health services in Barbados, and for Equals to have an extensive list of mental health professionals that we can refer our community too.

Download The Equals Mobile App

The Equals App is designed to keep you up to date with all that we do, as well as allow you to make easy appointments. The app is only available to android users however. To download to the app, please follow the below instructions.
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