Welcome To Equals Barbados

Equals is an LGBTQI+ organisation that helps the community access services that we have every right to access but may feel we are not able to. These services can either be accessed at The Safe Space, or via a referral to a service provider we have identified as sensitized to our needs.

Our Goal

The goal of Equals is to educate and empower the LGBTQI+ community to foster unity by providing a safe, discrimination free environment.  In this environment, Equals encourages safe sexual practices and access to services in areas such as sexual health, general health and mental health. Equals also serves as an educational outlet by providing general information that is catered to our community. In addition, we work to improve the quality of everyday life for the LGBTQI+ community by tackling stigma and discrimination through sensitization training and human rights violations case recording. We strive to achieve our goals through community empowerment, education, networking and rights-based advocacy.

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Projects & Activities

Equals is one of the implementing partners of the EpiC project (Meeting Targets and Maintaining Epidemic Control). This PEPFAR and USAID initiative provides and supports our community in accessing HIV testing, as well as supports those community members who are living with HIV in adhering to their medication, therefore becoming undetectable and untransmitable (U=U). Equals has a team of Outreach Workers who encourage Community Members to get tested and know their status. Testing for this project is carried out at The Safe Space.

Equals uses the Shared Incident Database (SID) to record cases of human rights violations. SID is a regional tool used all over the Caribbean and has been used to collect information on cases of Stigma and Discrimination against marginalised groups. There have been cases where the tool has been key in providing evidence in court. If you this you have a case that needs reporting, please get in contact with us. You can email us at sid@equalsbarados.com if you would like to submit a report. (Insert 2 minute video below)

Human Rights
Violation Reporting

Though the EpiC project, Equals has been providing stigma reduction workshops to the health care sector since 2017. To date, Equals has trained staff from the Ladymeade Reference Unit, various polyclinics, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and the Psychiatric Hospital. These trainings educate the staff on how stigma and discrimination affect and prevent key populations from accessing healthcare, how they should address these communities, and terminologies so that they are familiar with the diversities of sexual and gender minorities.

Download The Equals Mobile App

The Equals App is designed to keep you up to date with all that we do, as well as allow you to make easy appointments. The app is only available to android users however. To download to the app, please follow the below instructions.
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